• Hockeyben

    Alright, so... It's been a while since I've cared about this wiki, and I think that goes for most people. However, I have decided to write a blog containing links to my favorite fan stories, characters, organizations, etc. This should help with keeping better track of the best stuff for future reference, without having to sift through endless rubbish to find it.

    For starters, the once uber-popular T.U.F.F. Company is definitely worthy of a mention. Although this series could be a little disjointed and all over the place, it was a labor of love for many people (especially User:KittyKatswell925), and numerous cool characters were created for the series.

    Some of my favorites include: Crazy, Claire Catty200, Skipper, Agent 19, Kat, and Ralph Wolf.…

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  • Willieboomer922

    Komodo Longshen

    August 29, 2015 by Willieboomer922

    "Your efforts to save your homeland is foreseen by the ancients, but I'll never make it a reality!"

    Name: Wu Khan Lóngshén, Now named Komodo Longshen Nickname Dizang the Destroyer Gender: Male Age: 867 years Species: Komodo Dragon Likes: ??? Dislikes: ???

    Bio: Born in Bejing China, 1147 BC, Wu was descended from a long line of powerful emperors, and he was no exception. Longshen himself has gained a reputation to rule the world with a power so great, that not even the gods can stop him. At age 77, he came across 5 gems, each embedded in three pieces which are pieces from some kind of armor. The gems on the two arm spikes that cover most of his arms are The Gem of Power, The Gem of Pride, The Gem of Immortality, and The Gem of Anarchy. And th…

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  • Wokat

    So I've noticed that nobody has been using the chat on this site. Well here it is go use it okay

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  • Wokat

    Voice Actor List

    July 8, 2013 by Wokat

    Alright. If you want some voice actors, here they are. If you want to know what they sound like go look for their filmography or something, I don't know.

    • Jerry Trainor - Dudley, AMO
    • Grey DeLisle - Kitty
    • Jeff Bennett - Keswick, Sherry Fleason
    • Daran Norris - Chief
    • Dave Boat
    • James Arnold Taylor - WK
    • Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
    • Mary Birdsong
    • Matthew W. Taylor
    • Rob Paulsen
    • Candi Milo
    • Will Matthews
    • Jennifer Hale

    • Tara Strong
    • Carlos Alazraqui

    • Tom Kenny
    • Jill Talley
    • Clancy Brown
    • Rodger Bumpass
    • Carolyn Lawrence
    • Bill Fagerbakke
    • Mr. Lawrence

    • Ian James Corlett
    • Brian Drummond
    • Ashleigh Ball
    • Andrea Libman - Claire
    • Tabitha St. Germain
    • Dave Ward
    • Chiara Zanni
    • Scott McNeil - Kevin Kalterwar
    • Gary Chalk
    • Phil Hayes
    • Trevor Devall
    • French Tickner
    • Cathy Weseluck
    • Kathleen Barr
    • Kirby Morrow
    • Michael Donovan
    • Andrew…

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  • PoofFan93


    April 28, 2013 by PoofFan93

    I’m done. Blueberry inflation…trains…re-colors…I’M DONE!!! No offense to the people who like these things, but I’m tired of it!

    This wiki is about fanon stories/pictures from TP fans’ imaginations where they can freely and openly express their ideas. But this has gone too far. K

    Too many purloined and plagiarized ideas from deviantART have come onto this wiki, and I’ll bet the original creators of their own fanon ideas wouldn’t be too happy that some people have stolen THEIR ideas. -_-

    I’m tired of it! This wiki used to be fun. And now that it has a bunch of deviantART copy-written stories on it, I’ll be leaving this wiki until the problem is sorted out with.

    Hockeyben, this is your wiki, and I’m not expecting you to be forced to do something abo…

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  • DeeDee2510

    I need inspiration!

    April 8, 2013 by DeeDee2510

    Can you help me? I want make new fan-fic, but i havent got inspiration. Give me inspiration, please? Oh, and i really want to make another "Deswick" ( Diana and Keswick relationship )

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  • DeeDee2510


    April 8, 2013 by DeeDee2510

    Hi! This is article about Keswick and Diana!

    • Diana falls in love with Keswick
    • Diana calls Keswick cute
    • Keswick trying to make Diana calm
    • They are playing ludo together
    • Keswick apologize to Diana
    • They hug
    • Keswick say that Diana was great

    • Keswick and Diana play cards
    • Keswick and Diana ( with Kimmy ) are going for ice cream
    • Keswick want sing to Diana, but Kimmy dont allow that. This continue across whole episode
    • On camp, Diana and Keswick sit next to each other
    • They all go to solve a mystery
    • Diana say that Keswick´s girfriend have to be happy, but he answers that he is single. She screams "YES!".
    • When is mystery solved, they hug once again, but also look shy to each other

    note: This is my personal relationship of my fan world! If you find other relationship…

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  • CalzoneManiac

    Iron Man Dog

    March 24, 2013 by CalzoneManiac

    I want an Iron Man Dog!

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  • PoofFan93

    Crazypuppy ha requested that I take two of her stories, Terror in Petropolis and Baby Company down for unknown reasons. Apparently she says that they are not finished and she is too busy to finish them, but we can all understand that, right? I mean, all of us authors haven't finished many of our own stories, am I not correct? :P

    Okay, I'll stop rambling now. XD

    UPDATE: I've just received word from Crazypuppy herself, and she decided that she actually wanted me to keep the stories up. Sorry for the inconvenience! :/

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  • Crazypuppy


    January 16, 2013 by Crazypuppy

    I took a break from writing fics to come up with some new ideas....but not having any luck. :P If you guys can give me some inspiration for any of the fics I have unfinished, I'll start working on them again. 

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  • Addy1234

    Moving On

    January 14, 2013 by Addy1234

    Don`t Worry.I`m not leaving the wiki forever!I`m just working on a new wiki and i`ll need a very long break away from this wiki to help out.In fact,i was hoping you guys could joi it and help me and my buddys out.Here

    So bye and i`ll see you there.

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  • Addy1234

    T.U.F.F Shows

    October 25, 2012 by Addy1234

    Hey guys.I made this cool picture.Here

    Its Dudley as Rookie,Kitty as DJ.K Dance,Keswick as Gary and Chief as The Director.I`m also doing more of this stuff,so if you have a request,post here and i`ll repaint them to look like T.V or Video Game Charecters.

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  • Addy1234


    October 18, 2012 by Addy1234

    I Just thought of this.Find a video clip of a charecter talking to use as one of your charecters voice.

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  • Addy1234


    October 8, 2012 by Addy1234

    So i`m going to leave the wiki for a small time for a vacation.Su,uh,Bye.

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  • Anti-Cosmo Dude

    The A-CD Kudley Series is a new Kudley series created by me. Of course, there will be some new babies so what shall we name them? Put your answer as a comment below.

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  • Addy1234

    T.U.F.F Puppy Miis

    September 30, 2012 by Addy1234

    Hey `Yall.I found theese instructions for mii versions of Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy.

    Type: 1st row, 2nd column
    Facial Features: 1st row, 2nd column
    Skin Color: 1st row, 2nd column
    Type: 5th page, 2nd row, 3rd column
    Color: 1st row, 1st column
    Color: 1st row, 1st column
    Rotate: 1 counterclockwise
    Vertical: 4 down
    Type: 4th page, 2nd row, 1st column
    Color: 2nd row, 3rd column
    Rotate: 1 counterclockwise
    Size: 3 bigger
    Vertical: 4 down
    Type: 1st row, 3rd column
    Vertical: 3 down
    Type: 2nd page, 3rd row, 1st column
    Size: 3 smaller
    Vertical: 2 down
    Type: 3rd row, 3rd column
    Color: 2nd row, 2nd column
    Size: 3 bigger
    Vertical: 10 up
    Add a mole
    Size: 4 bigger
    Horizontal: 6 right
    Vertical: 1 down
    Size …

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  • AskTiffanyandMandyPuppy

    Mandy: "Hello there, Everyone! I'm Mandy."

    Tiffany: "And I'm Tiffany!"

    Mandy: "Ask us some questions!"

    Tiffany: "And we'll answer them!"

    Tiffany and Mandy: Ask you question below in the comment box, And we'll be there to tell you!

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  • PoofFan93

    That's right! I'm beginning a new spin-off of Kudley! Beginning with Dudley and Kitty's wedding (My own version of that wonderful night of their own *giggles*), To the newest addition to the family, To college, And all teh adventures mixed together—In one whole franchise!

    I hoep you guys are excited! :)

    Note; The new series will have much more detail than the original Kudley series, I'm just testing everything out! ^^

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  • Hockeyben


    September 5, 2012 by Hockeyben

    UPDATE:All pages are now at their proper location. Now the unneeded templates just need to be removed. --Hockeyben (talk - contribs) 14:07, September 6, 2012 (UTC)

    Ok everyone. It's been a couple months since the Fanon pages were imported from the main wiki and the Fanon wiki began. Although the wiki has grown in terms of characters, Fanfics, and users, I feel like it is still rather messy.

    Quite a few pages have not been "wikified" to adhere to the new naming guidelines (example Tabby the Hedgehog/Jet City should be located at Jet City. Also, quite a number of pages still need the Template:Fanon to be removed.

    Finally, quite a number of old Fanon images are missing. While most can be discarded, some should he uploaded to fit on their appropria…

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  • Anti-Cosmo Dude

    I'm back

    August 30, 2012 by Anti-Cosmo Dude

    I'm back from France and my trip was fun. Now you'll see T.U.F.F. Puppies continue.

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  • Tabby the Hedgehog

    My new series

    August 19, 2012 by Tabby the Hedgehog

    Alright,now,I'm making a new little series thing,and,it'll be called something,and,basically,I can't decide,so,you can.

    So,i'll tell the plots with it soon,and,you decide which yu prefer,I guess.Here they are (they start out the same)

    T.U.F.F. Vengeance:3 new trainees by the name of Jazz Smythe,Twister Jackson,and Chippy Torch meet old friend Ralph Wolf.Expecting relaxation and fun,they would soon be wrong.A corrupt law enforcement called the Catbusters are formed and put Jazz #1 on their most wanted list.It's up to Jazz to stop them,but,TUFF has to make diversions and stuff.It's gonna be a wild ride.

    T.U.F.F.:The Last Stand:3 new trainees by the name of Jazz Smythe,Twister Jackson and Chippy Torch meet old friend Ralph Wolf.Expecting relax…

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  • Addy1234

    I need your help

    August 18, 2012 by Addy1234

    Hey everyone!It`s Me,Addy!Allright,I need your help hence the name.I need your sugestions on some new fanon.

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  • PoofFan93

    Title pretty much explains it all.

    Link/URL for this source of Information:

    The Fanfic will also be officially published and confirmed somewhat after Kudley: Teenage Dream (Or Not!) Is finished.

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  • AuBurney Tuckerson Kezwick

    I just posted the second chapter of Kezwick and Dora: The Newborns. Enjoy the story and feel free to comment, but NO flames please.

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  • Addy1234


    August 8, 2012 by Addy1234

    So,heres an idea.Download some clips off T.U.F.F Puppy,Then mute the clips and put a song on and the Charecters will look as if there singing it.They so this with some other shows.Heres some ones i like.(There also my favourate songs.There not tuff puppy shows though)

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  • PoofFan93

    Yes! I got a DeviantART account!


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  • PoofFan93

    Any Ideas?

    August 6, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Okay, Some of you have probably noticed I'm a little bit behind on my Kudley Fanfics Schedule, The reason is I'm running out of good ideas for a fic. So I'm asking you for some help, PLEASE. Or even feel free to write your OWN Kudleys, As long as you ask for my permission.

    Tell me your ideas in the comments below, I'd be happy to hear some of your ideas. Thanks everyone. :)

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  • SlayerIsOverrated

    Origin series.

    August 6, 2012 by SlayerIsOverrated

    So someone on this planet may be wondering Whats up with Kevin Katswell?, How did he get rageful?, or How did he get into metal?. My thoughts decided that it is about time to reveal his past. I got the best, worst, funniest, scariest, dramatic, and rage filled stuff of his past. Unlike the rest of my series, each fic will come out randomly. So let's say it came out during work on another series. That means a fic will be around even during a middle of a series. There won't be a number of fics in the series. This is an all out endless series, though it may take breaks. I'm gonna start out the series with Kevin's first day at T.U.F.F.. Expect it sometime this week. Leave a comment below that either involves what past you wanna see, or whatev…

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  • PoofFan93

    Final Results

    August 1, 2012 by PoofFan93

    This Blog Post continues from this Blog, Where we were voting for the baby's gender for one of my fanfics.

    Okay people, The Good News, I finally have the results for the baby's name and gender!

    The Winning Gender is....

    The Winning Name is.... Kyle!

    And One More Thing...


    Thanks for the advice, Guys! :) I hope I didn't dissapoint anybody...:(

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  • PoofFan93

    New Character Name?

    July 31, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Okay, So a few of you so far have read my latest fanfic, entitled "Kudley: Where Do Babies Come From?", Whilst it reveals Kitty is having a third child.

    One problem, I'm having trouble decided whether it should be a boy or girl, And what his/her/it's name should be. Give me your advice in the polls below, And then tell me your vote in the comments. I'd be happy to read your advice for the new character.

    Poll #1:

    After you vote, Please tell me your vote in the comments. That way I can keep track of who chose what. Thanks guys! This'll really help my newest Fanfic Kudley: Make Room for Baby which will reveal the baby's gender and Kudley: A New Addition Is Born which will be the baby's birth! (And a few more fanfics before that that will be abou…

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  • Kittyxdudley14

    I'm a TUFF GIRL

    July 31, 2012 by Kittyxdudley14

    I' m posting a blog to let people now that I am a girl who can keep her life on the line to protect even in place that don't exsist. I can even protect Petropolis just like a really TUFF agent. Nothing can possibly be too big or too evil for me to defeat.

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  • TurboDudley

    Future Fanfics....

    July 25, 2012 by TurboDudley

    Okay so Olympic Mutt is in its 3rd chapter and Lab Rat has just been released, I am here to tell you about my debut of my Fanon Characters Franz, Rudolf, and any others I make up.

    Franz Alsatian is the main character, Rudolf Doberman is a friend he makes up in his guard/attack dog -secret agent training regiment. They will face many hardships, challenges, and villians. I don't wanna spoil anything so .......bye. Release date this Week-end! ( I don't know when)

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  • SlayerIsOverrated

    Alright, people. I got good news and bad news. The good news is I'm confirming that my next series is confirmed. It is untitled, but it will show the debut of my new OC, Kim Darkness. She is Kevin's friend in the beginning, but by the end of the series, it could be the start of something new. By that, I mean they could actually date. Now I've might of said that it will happen, but that was just my thoughts at the time. So either they could start being BF/GF, or they'll just be friends. Now we go on to the tragic news.

    There is 2 pieces of bad news. The first one is that my upcoming series, T.U.F.F. Meets Sonic, is delayed. It will now be my 4th series. The reason this happened is cuz I can't think of anything the TP characters and OC's will…

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  • Anti-Cosmo Dude

    Hi. Some of you may have seen me on another wiki say that i'm going to France soon. Well, I am, in one week. I'll be gone for three weeks without editing this wiki. I'll miss you all when it happens. Remember, it's ok to comment because i'll be here for the next week. This is just an early reminder just so you don't know too late. Bye.

    (Note: If not by next week, then sometime around the end of July)

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  • TurboDudley

    I case your interested I am starting a two Fanfic series!

    Its about Dudley making valient efforts to gain his self-confidence.

    Chapter 1: The Challenge/ Rise Up Dudley! (complete)

    Snaptrap is tired of his cheese allergy and he wants to end it!

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  • SlayerIsOverrated

    I'm glad to say that despite still working on The Rage Within series, I'm announcing my next three series of fics and stuff. the 3rd one is called " T.U.F.F. Meets Sonic". You heard me. T.U.F.F. Puppy crossing with the Sonic characters. it'll include our OC's, so no worries. all I can give out is that Kevin becomes friends with Knuckles and Shadow, and Dudley befriends Sonic and Tails. the 4th one is titled " Romantic Couple's ". It put's it's focus on Kevin and Lisa, Kitty and Dudley, Maria and Keswick, and any couple in petropolis that people may wanna tell me about. The plot will be revealed at some point. the 5th one doesn't have a title yet, but it'll focus on the nicer side of Kevin. So there you have it. My next three series. commen…

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  • Addy1234


    July 13, 2012 by Addy1234

    HEY YALL!IT`S ME!I am happy to announce that i am starting another seris.


    It shows the parts of past with the T.U.F.F Puppy cast.Try making your own.

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  • DeeDee2510
    • Diana is younger sister of Dudley.
    • Is crush to Keswick. He like her, but only like friend
    • She can be very nervous
    • She have with Dudley better relationship than normal younger sister/older brother
    • Her favorite names are ( girl ) Trudy and ( boy ) Fred
    • Like Dudley, she was have braces and glasses like kid
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  • PoofFan93

    Takin' A Break

    July 7, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Yes, I am leaving wikia forever.

    JUST KIDDING! But I am just taking a short break from Wikia. But don't worry, I'll be back soon.

    Please leave a message NOW if you need for me to do anything before I take my break.

    Thanks guys!

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  • Anti-Cosmo Dude

    This is my first blog post on this wiki so lets make it special. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning ___. I hope tomorrow will be fun and I will still contribute tomorrow. I hope everyone wishes me a Happy Birthday. If you do, there is a high chance of me saying Happy Birthday to you. Also, tomorrow is George W. Bush's birthday but I'm going to celebrate mine.

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  • PoofFan93

    Well, It's been a few days, And Butch still hasn't repiled. But don't get angry, I have a full explaination why:

    Since Butch Hartman is a famous man, He is very busy looking at other Fan Mail. Also, I have heard that he hires other computor experts to look at the E-Mails before he does, Just to make sure it's not spam or junk mail, Harrasment, or anything else. So it may take at least a week before he replies to my E-Mail.

    Sorry if I got you guys all wound-up, Just please don't be dissapointed :(. But is he dosn't reply this week, I'll try to E-Mail him again.

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  • Addy1234

    The seris is a short seris where the agents and villians re-act famous and well-known movies.Here are some ones i`ve made.


    As a parody of Tron:Legacy

    Chew Toy Story

    As a parody of toy story

    The Dognies

    As a parody of the goonies

    Mutt-sters inc.

    As a parody of monsters inc

    The Adventures of SharkWick and Lavaty

    As a parody of The adventures of shark boy and lava girl

    You can also make your own to.

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  • Addy1234

    Hi Butch!

    July 3, 2012 by Addy1234

    PoofFan93 spread the news and said she contacted you. Welcome to the website.

    Visit our cool padges

    Say hello to our comunity and sign up if you want to.

    Also, Visit some of my fanfics i made.

    Kitty Quits

    Turbo Dogs

    The Movie Mutt-gic seris

    Spinoff:The Epic Adventures of Kitty and Keswick

    Every Dog has his Day

    But of course visit all of the others. Some are better

    (Bye Bye for Now)

    Note:Some of my episodes have a bit of copyright on them.if anything sounds fermillier,dont publish it.

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  • PoofFan93

    Title explains it all! Yeup, I sent him an email! I don't known when he'll reply, But I can't wait!

    Also, I told him to check out this wiki (Yes, I gave him the URL) so he could view everyone elses stories, fanfics, episodes, characters, etc.

    Hope you guys are excited! :D

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  • Addy1234

    Keswick and Kitty

    July 1, 2012 by Addy1234

    If you would like to make your own Kitty and Keswick episode.Just Put Kitty+Keswick: In front of your fanfic title.

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  • SlayerIsOverrated


    June 30, 2012 by SlayerIsOverrated

    I might be done with Kevin's Revenge, but that doesn't mean the end of me. I'm planning an official second series of fanfics and it has 5 entries. The title has yet to be confirmed, but plot, character, and setting info is here. It's set 7 months after Kevin's Revenge: The Final Chapter. With 6 years of being a successful agent, something turns Kevin into an angry cat. The characters include Kevin of course, Wonderkat, Claire, Crazy, Agent R, Fairly, and Kev's girlfriend Lisa ,and for one fan, Keswick and regular villains will be in it, but the Villains won't be why Kevin's angry. It's a surprise. So comment below on YOUR thoughts of what the series will bring and what you think made Kev angry. Peace Killswitch. also Ralph will return.

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  • Addy1234

    Fanfic Awards

    June 30, 2012 by Addy1234

    A show i made.

    I'm gonna tell you my all-time favorate fanon.

    The winners will have a picture of a trophy posted in their user accounet.


    Operation:Operation by KittyKatswell925

    Baby Agents by PoofFan93

    and Finally Kitty`s secret by AMOROX1220

    and the winner is.....................................................................................................................................................................................................(Dramatic Reverb)


    Kudley: The Love Doves by AMOROX1220

    Kitty`s Secret by AMOROX1220

    And Back to Jack by Hockeyben.

    And the winner is.....................................................................................................................…

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  • DragoTheWolf

    Hey everybody! This is DragoTheWolf and, my gosh, I've never been on this site for the rest of my life, so this is my first time here in T.U.F.F. Puppy Fanon Wiki! Wow, I can't believe it! This is so surprising! I don't know what to say this, but, I wanted to let you all know that this is the beginning of a new life. Well, looks like I'm ready to have some fun and excitement! If you guys have anything to say to me, I'm always here! Agent DTW out!!

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  • SlayerIsOverrated

    On October. 2, 2010, a show called T.U.F.F. Puppy premiered on Nickelodeon. On July 16, 2011, A guy discovered this wiki and he enjoyed it. On June 3, 2012, The guy joined and became Killswitch 762 with them put together. On June 7, 2012. He unleashed a franchise that had one of the earliest popularities ever and that's his debut fanfic, Kevin's Revenge. It was so successful that it turned to a 7-entry franchise. The series focused on Kevin Katswell, KS's fan character, and friends as he goes out and slays logos that scared him as a kid. It features 7 entries. Kevin's Revenge, Kevin's Revenge 2: A Team's Kill, Kevin's Continued Saga of Rage, Kevin's Revenge 4: Viral, Kevin's Revenge: Kevin Goes Global, Kevin's Revenge: Operation SSF, and t…

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  • JB993166

    The Old Golden Sector

    June 26, 2012 by JB993166

    Remember to please comment on the page on ideas on how to make it better and for my next fics.

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