• The T.U.F.F. Puppy series. Funny, sweet, and action-y.
    • Kitty: This show's great! I'm glad that I'm a main character.
    • Dudley: Nick was super psyched about the show!
    • Keswick: Now I wish I never badmouthed D-D-D-Dudley's idea.
    • The Chief: No awards yet. But hey, I'm not complaining. But the host spat on me for no reason.
    • As special effects, someone spits at a picture of Kitty, Dudley, Keswick and The Chief having a group hug. All done in slow motion.
  • What fans do not know was that at some point they became enemies. Why? Let's find out, on Behind The Toon.
    • Kitty: Dudley had an idea for a cartoon where an average dog joins an agency due to his perfect hits and talent. I was the first to support him. "Dudley, you just grab a laptop and type about whatever the (expletive) you want!"
  • And all that (expletive) he did. So he traveled around the world to show his project. But no one liked it.
    • Kitty: Luckily, I know a guy who works for Nick who would do anything for a cartoon.
  • TBC

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