"Beach Vacations"
Season 3, Episode 76
Production Code: 217A
Airdate: TBA,2013
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
The Chameleon
Bird Brain
Writer(s): Dudleysimpson
Music by: Guy Moon
Animal Idol
Week of the jokes

It's the first segment of the third episode of the third season, after Animal Idol and before Week of the jokes(same episode).


The last week of August returned to TUFF, so return to vacation, but this time will be on the beach, the last week of August returns to TUFF, but this time in the beach, TUFF agents recorded as set hotel room on that beach meanwhile, Snaptrap has a plan to ruin the stay TUFF Agents on the beach, so called the chameleon and Bird Brain to carry out their plan.

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