Plot: Dudley, The Chief and Kitty form a band. Keswick declines, until he discovers how popular they are.


  • Dudley: So, what it basically is, is a rock band.
  • Kitty: NEAT!!!
  • The Chief: AWESOME!!!
  • Keswick: BORING!!!
  • Dudley: Here's how it works. I'm the lead singer, Kitty plays guitar and backup singer, The Chief is the drummer, and Keswi-
  • Keswick: DON'T B-B-B-BOTHER!!! I hate Rock.
  • Dudley: You're loss.
  • Kitty: Oh, I'm so psyched. Can we pick our own costumes?
  • Dudley: Of course.
  • The Chief: What songs have you made?
  • Dudley: Actually, I was thinking we could be one of those bands who sing other people's songs.
  • Kitty: Whatever. I like those bands.
  • Keswick: I'm saying not as loud as I can!
  • Kitty: I've heard it louder.
  • (transition to stage.)
  • Dudley: Hey guys! We're new around here. Please welcome Kitty, the main guitarist and backup singer (Kitty is dressed up in a black cloak and top hat. She waves to the crowd), and The Chief, the drummer (The Chief has a leather jacket with a ripped white t-shirt). HIT IT!!
  • They all sing "Here I Am."

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