"Babies 101"
Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate: October 21, 2012
Writer(s): User: Anti-Cosmo Dude
Director(s): Butch Hartman
Space Adventure
Connor's Big Day

Babies 101 is the fifth episode of T.U.F.F. Puppies.


Keswick turns everyone into babies, even himself. The only person older is Quintin.


Keswick finally finishes his age-inator, which works like the young gun. Dudley doesn't focus and turns the dial to
Connor and Seth as Babies 'Babies 101'

Seth and Connor as babies

baby. Keswick snaps the age-nator back, but accidentally presses a button. It was also set to the population of Earth, so he is scared. Before he knew it, everyone on Earth is now under age 2. One person is still his normal age, and that's Quintin. he was standing at the furthest point from the inator, so he didn't get affected. Quintin knew this was his chance to steal belongings from the world. He took Seth's giant bacon, Jennifer's crib she was planning on for Thor, and other precious belongings. He then finds the age-inator and steps on a button, which turns everyone into their 70's. T.U.F.F. tries to stop them, but they are too slow. Just 5 days later, Quintin is living in a mansion, too far for the elderly to reach them. Connor steps on a button, and everyone returns to their normal age. Quintin is arrested.

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