• ……… ‘s family mansion, morning*

R: Dudley, Kitty, the breakfast is ready.

Dudley: Oh boy, finally! Is there any meat by the chance ?

R: Well, considering that all my family, and even you guys are carnivorous,……yes, a lot.

  • They all arrive in the dining room and take seats by the table*

Dudley: Is there any mustard here ?!

R: Yes, but be careful, that’s Russian mustard here.

Kitty: Well of course it’s Russian, we’re in Russia.

R: No, I mean it’s the kind of mustard. The ones you guys are used to tastes like grape syrup compared to this.

Dudley: *pouring mustard on steak* You don’t know me R. *pours an excessive quantity and swallows the steak* See R, and nothing happened……………. aaaaaaaahhhhh, HOT !!!

R: Told ya.

  • Dudley starts randomly running through the dining room, and when he got closer to the bar table, he randomly opened a crystal vase and drank all it’s content.

R: NO, don’t drink that !!

Dudley: Why not, it’s refreshing…………….aaaahhh, it burns, what is this ?

R: Well, you may call it fire water.

Dudley: Now I know why.

  • R takes Dudley to his seat and whispers to Kitty*

R: Has Dudley even tried something like this in his life ?

Kitty: No !!

R: Well then I know what’s going to happen to him. I won’t even look. *turns back* First, he will become really relaxed.

Dudley: *hicks*I fell so good here, come here and sing with me Charlie *hugs a statue*

Kitty: I see.

R: Then he will become easily startled.

Dudley: Hey Charlie, don’t dare and talk like that to me. *punches marble statue, and hurts his fists* You’re a hard guy Charlie.

R: And finally he’ll become really honest and open minded.

Kitty: How will that manifest ?

  • Dudley gets up and comes closer to Kitty*

Dudley: Hey Kitty, *hicks*I always wanted to tell something really special to you.

Kitty: What ?

Dudley: I think I………..see a little mustache on you.

Kitty: grrr, can we bring him in his senses ?!

  • R returning in the dining room*

R: Sorry was away, brought something to bring him in his senses. *Gives Dudley a pill and he takes it*

Dudley: What happened to me ? !

R: Well, you were thirsty and you drank some water.

Dudley: Oh, that’s all. *laughs*

R: Well, I think we should eat up and then go to RUFF HQ to take a look at the time machine.

  • Transition to RUFF HQ* *Everyone walks along a corridor and arrives in a guarded laboratory*

R: There it is guys, the time machine, it got fixed up and is in a perfect technical condition.

Kitty: I guess this is goodbye then.

R *looking with a smiling guilty look*: The machine won’t work guys.

Dudley: Why not ?!

R: Well you see, when I brought the machine at RUFF, many criminals found out and tried to steal it in their interests. So I took out 2 crucial components for the machine and hided them. The skills required to get them back are possessed by you guys.

Kitty: Couldn’t you just lock them up in vault ?!

R: Well……..I suppose I could but I was afraid someone would break in it, plus I was bored the last 10 years. *wacko smile* First, we need to get to the central public library.

Dudley: Nooooo!

R: What’s wrong ?

Kitty: He…has problems with the long words*

R: Oh, we’ll also take with us an elite agent to help during the mission. *Jr. comes in*

Jr.: Ready to help.

  • Transition at the public library. R walks through the library and takes everyone down to the basement filled with archive documents*

Kitty: Why are we here ?

R: I’m glad you asked, that’s the part you’ll help us with Kitty.

Kitty: How ?

R: I made a map with the approximate locations of the components for the time machine, and placed it here, carefully hidden by O in this almost infinite supply of literature. I gave a map a certain pigment that can be easily distinguished by cats in the dark. I would’ve hidden it myself but I was afraid I was followed so I asked O to, for visible reasons.

Kitty: And, where do I start from ?

R *pulling down a lever and shutting down all the lights*: Anywhere you want.

Kitty: This will be a long day, *starts slowly walking through the dark*

Dudley: Kitty, wait up…………I’m afraid of darkness. *runs though the dark and pushed kitty and himself into a bookstand, being covered up by old papers*

Kitty: Dudley, you have to be more careful !

Dudley: Sorry Kitty, I’m just scared of dark………..and books.

Kitty: Well now it’ll take even more time to find the paper we need, oh wait, I think I found it, it’s the only paper that appears red to me. *smiles*

Dudley: That was fast.

R*Turning on the light*:Great job guys, can I take a look at it. It’s the right paper *smiles* Now to find the real components.

  • They exit the library*

R: Now I remembered I’ve hidden the other 2 components in Kamceatka. I need to contact the recon division of RUFF and ask a report on that area.

  • Jr. just gets the RUFF Mobile near them. R enters the car and starts talking on the phone. Dudley and Kitty look at him but can hear him, they only see a disappointed face expression. He exits the car.*

Kitty: So…something wrong ?

R: Well I have a good and bad news. I’ll start with the good, they found the first component, the motherboard chip of the machine.

Dudley: That’s a good news !

R: The bad one is that “they” are a terrorist organization we wanted to take out just next week. At least we know their location, that’s good news.

Jr.: More good news come in, I prepared the expedition equipment and a little food supply for the way. It’s in the truck.

R *whispering to Dudley*: I’m so proud of him.

Kitty: So what will we do ?

R: Return the component of course, if we depart now, we’ll arrive there in 2 hours.

Dudley: Is *misspelling* is koam ciatke that close ?

R: No, the car is that fast. *gets in the car* Come on guys, we’ve got a long way.

Jr.: Is this car that fast, it’s 3o years late in technological progress.

R: When I bought it and started to modify it, I used technologies so “alien” to the ones we are used to, this car will remain superior for another century at least.

Jr. *understanding the hint*: But you modified all the cars in the family as well, this means that…..

R: Exactly *laughs* So, get in guys.

  • They all get in the car, and it takes off*

R: We’ll arrive in 2 hours.

Dudley: So….no more books ?

R: Not today.

Dudley *expires with ease* :That’s good.

  • after 1.5 hours*

R: We almost arrived at the location of their camp. We’ll make a night camp 2 km away from them and in the morning, we’ll strike.

Kitty: Sounds like a plan.

Dudley: At least we arrive soon, it’s boring in here, maybe I’ll turn on some music.

Kitty: Dudley !! remember what happened the last time ?!

Dudley: Duh, f course I do, that’s why I’ll press *randomly points finger through all the buttons on the panel* this one. Presses a button.

Car: Emergency luggage disposal initiated. *the truck of the car opens and all the equipment gets thrown away in the dense forests*

Jr.: *sigh* There go our tents and optics. Hope you’re not afraid of mosquitoes, I know I’m not.

Kitty: Why so ?

R: They just don’t find the blood of the males in our family tasty enough *laughs*

Jr.: Exactly *laughs*

R: We arrived, just in time to prepare the night fire.

Kitty: But it was only 11 AM when we left.

R: Time zones.

  • The car lands*

  • Everyone exits the car and soon after, they gather wood and set up a fire place*

Jr.: Anyone got a lighter or some matches here ?

Dudley: I got one in my pants……that I once sold to get a bunch of DONUTS !

Kitty *Searching pockets* : No.

R: I have mine. *lifts his leg igniting his built in rocket boosters and starting the fire, just seconds before the sun goes down*

Dudley: WOW where can I get a pair of these !!

R: You need a chainsaw and a dangerous criminal *ironicly*

Jr.: Well, it’s getting dark already and we should take have our dinner.

Kitty: But all the expedition equipment was thrown away !

Jr.: Yes it was, but I put the food in a different category *takes out a big bag* This is enough for 4 of us. *Opens bag but doesn’t see anything, shakes it and only a few bits fall from it*

Dudley *burps*: You were right, I feel like I ate for 4 of us.

R: You actually did.

Kitty: Dudley, now what are we going to eat !!

R: I would chew on my legs but I can’t and I wouldn’t *laughs* But, we’ll just have to do it without a food supply.

  • They all gather around the fire and sit quietly. On the sky a fool moon appears. Dudley starts howling*

R: What are you doing, we must sit quietly, *grabs his snot and shots it* they react to any nearby sound.

Dudley: I can’t do anything about it, it’s a dog thing *howls again*

  • During some minutes R whispers something to Jr.. Jr. leaves immediately the fire place and runs in the woods*

Kitty: Where did he go ?

R: *thinking*……. for some more fire wood.

Kitty: If you say so.

  • A few minutes after Jr. left, they hear some vehicles. Soon, they are surrounded by 4 SUV’s and 14 armed persons aiming at them*

R: Well, there goes our fun trip.

  • They are all pushed by force in the cars. Ruff mobile is towed to a SUV*

R *In Russian*: Hey I just reassembled it you ***** !!

  • R is tazed*

R: Well that’s a…… shockingly warm welcome.

Dudley: Why aren’t we fighting back, we’re stronger them most of them !

R: You’re of course absolutely right Dudley, but why worry, they drive us in their camp themselves, they do our job for us.

Kitty: That’s an….interesting perspective.

R: But an efficient one *laughs*.

  • Soon after they arrive in a camp hidden in the dense forests, protected by a electric fence, and sniper towers. Dudley Kitty and R are thrown away in a cell made of concrete and closed up by a door made of steel. Soon after they are thrown in the cell, R is taken away.*

  • After 30 minutes R is thrown back in the cell*

Kitty: What did they tell you ?

R *shaking dust off suit*: Well they want to sue us, for trespassing their unofficial territory.

Kitty: At lest they sue, not shoot on place.

R: I was getting to that. If I know how they work, and I know, they will find us guilty and shoot on place.

Dudley: Do they give the last wish ?! I wanted to change it for bacon.

R: I hope they will do at least this. But for now, we got to take some sleep guys, tomorrow’s a BIG day, we got to be full of energy. *lays on the floor*

Dudley: R, I usually sleep on that side of the floor.

  • R goes a little left and falls asleep instantly*

Kitty: Dudley we can’t leave it like this, we got to find a way to escape.

Dudley: Do you have a plan Kitty ?

Kitty: We can try unlock that door. *gets claws out and starts messing in the key hole*

Dudley: Come on Kitty.

Kitty: It’s no use, that lock is durable. I can believe this is how it’ll end. *sniffs*

Dudley: Yeah me too.

Kitty: I guess we can take our sleep time as well. Good night Dudley.

Dudley: Kitty…….can you tell me a story.

Kitty: Ask R.

Dudley: Hey R tell me a story, tell me , tell me !!

R *while dreaming, he speaks*: Don’t think I’ll tell you something, even torture won’t help, you won’t hear a word from me, !! …..

Dudley: Oh, ok, sorry. *starts to sleep*

R:……about the homework. *sleeps*

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