"Angry Cat"
Season 3, Episode 80
Production Code: 219A
Airdate: TBA,2014
Villain(s) Featured: The Chameleon
Writer(s): Dudleysimpson
Music by: Guy Moon
Return to Ratville
Unexpected Love

It is the first segment of the fifth episode of the third season of TUFF Puppy, after Hotel T.U.F.F. / Return to Ratville and before Unexpected Love.


Kitty suffers, for rare reasons, anger problems that hurt the T.U.F.F. agents, so the Chief orders Dudley and Keswick that lead to a therapy to stop the anger, but the therapist tells Kitty that let release your anger, increasing damage in Dudley, Keswick and the chief, but no one knew that the therapist was the Chameleon.

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