Alyssa Mitswell
Alyssa Mitswell
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Pink
Eye color:       Purple
Species: Cat
Age: 20s
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Bad Dog
Last Appearance:

Alyssa Mitswell is a L.U.F.F. Agent.


Alyssa can't differentiate which the good guy and bad guy. But, Alyssa is a friendly agent. She's like to eating fish. Sometimes, she's acts like a dog!

In "Bad Dog", she's playing with Dudley. And, she's helping Bad Dudley too for making more criminals in Petropolis!


Alyssa has pink hair and purple eyes. She's wearing blue shirts and red pants.


Dudley Puppy

Alyssa likes to playing with Dudley, but, sometimes, Alyssa dislikes Dudley because Dudley always chew his butt.

Kitty Katswell

When Alyssa meets Kitty, she's say:"Hi Kitty, nice to meet you!". It's mean, Kitty is Alyssa's friend.


Alyssa always called Keswick with wrong spell, like "Miswick", "Lesswick", etc.


Alyssa doesn't know D.O.O.M. is a bad guy, so, she's always helping D.O.O.M.

L.U.F.F. Agents

Relationship Alyssa with L.U.F.F. is never shown, but mentioned, who said to Kitty:"L.U.F.F. Agents is my super best friends!".

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