The Alpha Omega (also known as Evil's birth place) is a dark kingdom not located on earth. It serves as an afterlife prison for those who die with evil in their hearts no matter the amount (except if they have purified thier entire heart before thier death or during thier time in the Alpha Omega).


The Alpha Omega was created the same time as the universe began. It was once a kingdom of equality called Vitae with


There are two kingdoms, Alpha Omega the dark kingdom and Nirvana the light kingdom. Alpha Omega is ruled by Moralis, the creator of evil.


After a person dies, Their sprit is sent to the Alpha Omega and taken to Omega court where thier heart is pulled out and places on the Disconcord scale. If the heart is pure white, they shall be realeased and sent to Nirvana. If the heart is pure black, they will stay in Alpha Omega with no harm. If the heart is a mix of black and white no matter how much, they will stay in Alpha Omega but they will be tortured until the heart is pure black.

In the Alpha Omega, Evil People live


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