Alicia Katswell
Kitty katswell s sister by davecartoons-d6dhpzh
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Green
Species: Cat
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Personal Information
  Turbo Undercover Fighting Force (Currently) Brain Factory (Formerly)
  Secret Agent (Currently) Maker of the Evil Brains (Formerly)
Mrs. Katswell

Unknown Father

Kitty Katswell (Younger Sister)

Cat Katswell (Younger Sister) Frankie Katswell (Younger sister) Katty Katswell (Younger sister)

Aaron Katswell (Foster Nephew)

Robyn Kittensworth (Foster Niece) Andy Katswell (Foster Nephew]] Michael O'Toole (Nephew) Shine Ortiz (Niece)

Alicia Katswell is the oldest sister of Kitty Katswell and Cat Katswell. She at one point in time was hypnotized by Dr. Rabies. At some other point in time, she created the Brain Factory to create the Evil Brains to destroy TUFF. She wore a suit that made her look like a robot and while wearing her helmet, a male voice came out whenever she spoke. So she was thought to be male until her identity was reveled. After her first army of evil brains were defeated. She spent months of creating new evil brains that would be stronger than the previous batch. After that second army was defeated, Kitty, Dudley, Eli, Kristina, Robyn, and Cal went to her headquarters for the final battle. With her remaining evil brains, she tried to defeat the TUFF Agents. She attempted to get away, but Robyn followed her and cuffed her. She was then brought to TUFF to have her idenity be revieled. She was soon dehyonotized and she joined TUFF as well as apologizing to her younger sisters for what she had done.

TP's Brain Maker

Alicia in her Robotic Armor


Alicia is orange with some black stripes on the sides of her head. She also wears a purple sweater. As the brain maker, she wore black robotic armor and a helmet.


  • She had appeared in the episode "Howl-O-ween". However she is not named, descripted as being evil or as Kitty's sister. She's only shown as a citizin cameo.
  • It's was thought that she was the sister Kitty mentioned was in jail in "Diary of a Mad Cat." It was reveiled in "A Tale of Two Kitties" that it was actually Katty Katswell, another sister.
  • Originally, Dr. Rabies was going to be the mysterious villain's true idenity, but this idea was scrapped.
  • Before her true idenity was revieled, the Brain Maker was thought to be male.
  • Unlike her sisters, Alicia's fur is orange, not tan. As her mother is also tan, there could be a posibility that her father was orange.