Stanley Puppy is a temporary agent at T.U.F.F. and is Dudley's arch-enemy at T.U.F.F. Not much is known about his past, and he lives in the city-limits at Petropolis. Stanley plans to steal Kitty from Dudley. Stanley is much more smart and athletic than Dudley. He has is own ride named the "Stanley-Mobile" and everyone calls him The Stan Man".


Stanley has short black hair and has shades (but only wears it sometimes). He wears a red leather jacket and an star logo undershirt, and a utility belt with accessories and some weapons. He also has designer pants and shoes with spy technology.


Stanley is a smart agent. He usually provides plans for T.U.F.F. He is sometimes bond with Dudley. In other words, he is sometimes dimwitted and crazy. He likes to make jokes, usually bad jokes, and sometimes funny jokes. Stanley is little lovestruck with Kitty.

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