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Drawn by SarahBefish2013

Agent Indy
is a fan character created by SarahBefish2013 , which she had made for her mom to use.

Basic Information

Agent Indy was kind of based off of Indiana Jones, but is not exactly like him. She is out going, adventuress, and kind. She is also really into archeolodgy. Her height is unknown, though it IS known that she is AT THE LEAST taller then Agent Maria. She is also the species of a Chinchilla.


Indy, of course, works at T.U.F.F HeadQuarters. Her job is a regular agent, but she is found a lot of the time in Keswick's lab, seeing that her partner, Agent Maria (link above) is also Keswick's lab partner, and because of this, Indy is stuck in Keswick's lab when they don't have any missions to go on.


She's very much into Archeology, and artifacts, and stuff. She's pretty nice, but Maria annoys the heck out of her.

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