Drawn by Wokat and Bently96 on CoSketch around early 2012
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Not decided yet
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Cat
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Personal Information
  T.U.F.F. (debunked)
  Secret agent
  Agent #12428

Codename: Agent 12428 was once a very famous T.U.F.F. Agent and one of the main protagonists of T.U.F.F. Company. He was even classified as a "T.U.F.F. Legend" and was formerly in T.U.F.F.'s "Hall of Fame."

However, in the finale of the T.U.F.F. Company series, Two is a Company, Agent 12428 was eventually discovered to be a fraud who had been covertly working as a spy in order to glean intelligence from within the agency itself, funneling it back to the notorious crime lord, Zero.

Upon this becoming known, he was immediately arrested and fired from the agency, and had all his numerous accolades rescinded.



  • He was dedicated to former user Matt12428 before he was banned forever.

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