A Mile In My Paw is the 19th episode in the 1st season of T.U.F.F. Puppy.

Plot: Kitty has tried to keep control of Dudley, but after Dudley's next crazy attempt to foil the bad guy, Kitty exclaims to the Chief that Dudley is becoming too crazy, while Dudley thinks Kitty's being too bossy. So soon, Keswick comes in and says that Dudley should live Kitty's life for a day, and vice versa. So, Keswick has Dudley dress like Kitty (Jump Suit, Hair, and everything), and Kitty tries to be as crazy as Dudley would normally be. But, when the day is over, Keswick realizes that Kitty wasn't pretending to act like Dudley, but they actually switched their personaities with Keswick's new Invention! Can Keswick make it right, or will the duo of Dudley and Kitty be on each other's side of the mind FOREVER?



Running Gags


  • The title card is a reference to The Fairly OddParents episode called, "A Mile In My Shoes".
  • This is the first time Kitty has ever been shown on screen being annoyed by Dudley since "Thunder Dog".

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