Plot: This movie is basically about how when she was younger, she was fooled into making Snaptrap's lair after being called a freak. This shows both 5-year old Kitty and 12-year old Kitty as well.


  • (Starts at the hospital. Two parents (Kitty's) run into the hospital.)
  • Father: Just keep breathing.
  • (runs into room)
  • Nurse: How may I help you today?
  • Father: My wife, she's having a baby.
  • Nurse: Well, then. Your name?
  • Father: Uhh, Harold and Mandy Katswell.
  • Nurse: Your age.
  • Father: Both 43. (!)
  • Nurse: Occupa....
  • Nurse: Very well. Step this way.
  • (they all go in an emergency room)
  • Then Father repeats "Just keep breathing."
  • Then Mother screams and zooms in her mouth. It then goes through different flashy backgrounds. In a blur, the mother and father are shown.
  • Nurse: Congratulations. It's a girl. A beautiful, healthy girl.
  • Father: Wow. She's beautiful.
  • Mother: A beautiful, healthy girl.
  • The baby is Kitty, wrapped in a blanket. One of her eyes opens, then the other. The mother hugs her and gives her a teddy bear. Kitty hugs it and then hugs dad. The peaceful music fades and a threatening music starts to play. A shadow peeks around a corner and grins in an evil way. The music stops and comes to a frame of a windowless house.
  • Dad: This will be your new room.
  • The dad paints the last part of the wall. A squishing sound plays. Then baby Kitty has painted his backside.
  • Dad: I think you missed a spot.
  • (He paints a part of himself.)
  • Kitty: Hee, hee, hee!
  • Dad: I'll go wash up, then we can put the furniture in.
  • Shows Kitty's dad washing his hands. Kitty is trying to move the furniture herself. Kitty's dad comes to help her.
  • Dad: This is nice. What do you think, Kitty?
  • (Kitty is hiding under a blanket)
  • Dad: Right, windows. I'll call a contractor tomo.......
  • (Kitty scrapes a square out of the wall and pushes it.)
  • Dad: Or that works to. Now, who's hungry?
  • TBC

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