This fanfic is closed up due to Matt's recent exposure, so, no editing from here on out 

Hi! This is a fanfic written by Tabby the Hedgehog and I (KittyKatswell925) especially dedicated to Matt12428. Matt, we think you're awesome and we hope you enjoy! Keep it up! ;)

  • Episode starts at T.U.F.F HQ*

Ralph:*Playing V-Cube*Hehe.TAKE THAT CROOK!

Chief:Hmm...Agent Wolf really likes that game!

Kitty:Yeah.I'm glad he does.

Dudley:I guess that $50 apparantly paid off!


Ralph:Guys,I need to say something.

Kitty,Dudley,Chief and Keswick:What?

Ralph:Codename Agent 12428 is in the hospital for an unkown reason.We must rescue him!

Chief:How exactly?

Ralph:We just infiltrate the hospital.

Claire:So you like the game?

Ralph:Yeah it's AWESOME!

Kitty:That's great.



Claire: But I can't! Agent 12428 is in the hospital! WE GOTTA RESCUE HIM!!!

Ralph: Alright,let's form a plan.

Claire: Like?

Ralph: First, we sneak through the roof.

Claire: Got it.

Ralph: Second, we take out the gaurds before we know what hit them.

Claire: Cool.

Ralph: Third, we find the elevator.

Claire: Elevator, got it.

Ralph: Fourth, we ride it until we get to the floor where Agent 12428's room is.

Claire: Ok! Wait, what again?

Ralph: *faceplam* You really forgot the plan, Claire?

Claire: There was a plan?

Ralph: Ugh... Fifth, we take out more gaurds.

Claire: K

Ralph: Sixth, we get him out of the room.

Claire: Who?

Ralph: *facepalm* Agent 12428!

Claire: Oh.

Ralph: Seventh, we get the heck out of the hospital!

Claire: Ok, then what.

Ralph: We go back to T.U.F.F.

Claire: Then?

Ralph: That's it. Wheels out at 0200. Dismissed.

Claire: Yay!

Ralph: Claire, do you know what "wheels out at 0200" means?

Claire: Hmm, let me see. Nope.

Ralph: It means that means that that's the time we go. And do you know what time 0200 means?

Claire: Cheese comes from the moon?

Ralph: No, that means 8:00!

Claire: So it's not 0200?

Ralph: *facepalm* Yeah, it is. 0200 is 8:00 pm.

Claire: Sheesh! We gotta go!

Ralph: Claire, it's not even 8:00 yet! It's only 7:30!

Claire: *already in T.U.F.F. mobile* Ready?

Ralph: Eh, wouldn't hurt.

Cheif: Wait, don't go just yet.

Ralph and Claire: Why?

Cheif: Agents Puppy and Katswell wanna come, too.

Claire: Yay! Come on, guys.

Kitty: Ugh. Hospitals.

Dudley: Wait, we're going to a hospital!? I thought we were going to watch the restle at the Petropolis Arena.

Claire: Oh come on guys. Hospitals aren't that bad. There's, um, well Kitty, I'm on your side.

Ralph: *Gets in T.U.F.F mobile* Cheif said it was the only way we could get Dudley to come; Wrestling.

Claire: Why would I want to wrestle a guy?

Ralph: Ugh.... let's just save Agent 12428!

Claire: Agent 12428, we're coming for ya!

  • They arrive at the hospital*

Claire:Ok,so phase one of the plan?

  • Jeremy appears on hospital with rocket launcher*

Jeremy:Nighty-night.*Fires rocket at SWAT helicopter*

Claire:*Not noticing Jeremy*Let's do this.

Ralph:Um...did you hear that explosion?

Claire:No,what was it?

  • SWAT helicopter is seen crashing while pilot screams*

Ralph:You mean you didn't hear that?!*facepalm*

Claire:*gasps*Oh,ok,now I see!Give me time for my eyes to adjust!Sheesh!

Ralph:Yeah,something weird's going on.Let's just enter the hospital.

Claire:K k!

Ralph:*Walks towards door while a guard sees them*

Claire:HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have...

Claire:I don't know Ralph.Do we have...?

Ralph:*Shows guard his T.U.F.F. Badge*

Guard:Oh.And who's she?!

Claire:Claire Catty200,22 year old female cat with bright orange hair that you can notice!I like Spanish rice!Do you?How do you feel about-

Guard:Never heard ofyou,are you part of T.U.F.F. is what i'm asking!

Claire:Aww,and yeah,i'm with him!We're here to save Agent 12428!

Ralph:Nice goin' Claire,you just blew our cover!

Guard:Agent 12428?You can't save him!He's due for surgery!



Claire:WHAT??????It's true!

Guard:An insult towards a guard,hmm?1,I don't have a moustache,and 2,sorry Brad,you got insulted.

Claire:Nice talkin' to ya!If you'll excuse us,were gonna save our friend!

Guard:*Quickly gets on radio*Uh,we have a female cat out front causing tons of trouble.

Radio(other guard*:Uh,roger that.We'll respond quickly as possible!

Claire:Hey!I'm just tryin' to help Agent 12428!Don't send me away!I'm too young!

Elite guard:*comesa out of door with a squad of 4 gards*FREEZE!DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE!

Claire:OK!!!!*puts hands in air*

Ralph:I'll show you!*beats up elite guard*


Jeremy:*sees fight*Huh?*aimsa rocket launcher at guards**blasts guards*

Claire:*huddles too look small*

Ralph:This does NOT make sense...

Claire: What doesn't?

Ralph:Who is giving us support?

Claire: What do you mean?

Ralph:The bazooka that was fired a minute ago.

Claire: I think I know who it was. Snaptrap!

Ralph:No,Snaptrap doesn't do that...

Claire: Then who was it?

Ralph:How am I supposed to know?!Wait...which villian likes bombs and explosives so much?

Claire:Agent Nutz!

9:37Ralph:I said villian,and,I might know who it is...

Claire: Anyways, let's just get on with the mission. Ha, usually YOU'RE saying that!

Ralph:HA,I said I might know WHO it is.

Claire: Ok, share your thoughts.

Ralph:Either Bomb Defusing Platypus or MMEOW

Claire: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph:1,say that specifically,and 2,they LOVE explosives,so,why not?

Claire: 1, I don't get it. 2, then let's go find them!

Ralph:Alright,on with the mission.Ha,beat ya!

Claire: Yay! *she goes in hospital*

Ralph:*Walks in behind her* Be careful...

Claire: Oh come on! What could happen?


Claire: AHH! What do you want with me?!

Cop:Are you visiting someone?If not,leave.

Claire:Yes!Like I told you,we're saving Agent 12428.Will you let us go now?!

Cop:Um,you didn't tell me,you told that guy.And also,you can't visit him,I dunno why,but,orders from the head of the hospital,so,yeah.I can't tell you why no one can visit him.

Claire:Fine!Now what do we do,Ralph?

Ralph:*Kicks cop in the face*


Ralph:Ignore what I did to him.

Claire:K k.Let's get a move on!

Cop#1:*Gets on police radio**Kssk*Yeah,I need back up here at Petropolis Hospital.

Cop#2:Head to a Code 3!

Dispatcher:What kind of units?


Cop#3:Fine,i'll be there soon.

Cop#1:Get here,they fought like...

Cop#3:Don't care.

Claire:What's goin' on? that...?

Claire:A police officer with a moustache?Yes.

Jeremy:Hello,T.U.F.F.!I have a suprise!*Pulls out bazooka*


Jeremy:Phase 1 of my suprise was thebazooka,but phase 2 is:Show you that I have captured...KITTY 'N DUDLEY!

Claire:*Gasp*You monster!

Ralph:Where'd you find them?!?!

Claire:How am I supposed to know?

Ralph:Not you.


Jeremy:Down by the hospital cafetireria...

Claire: Enough of that talk. Just show us where they are and put your hands up. *gets out blaster*

Ralph:*Gets out shuriken*This'll feel nice.

Claire: Yeah! Go Ralph!

Jeremy:Oh,uh,EAT THIS!*Pulls out french toast*Darn it...

Claire: Ok! *grabs french toast*


Claire: What? It was delicious! Thanks, Jeremy.

Jeremy:Now,where did I...ah!Here it is!*Pulls out grenade* Claire: Oh great.

Ralph:*Throws shuriken,but Jeremy catches it* Jeremy:That was close.

Claire: Eek...

  • Jeremy jumps on Ralph*

Ralph:Claire,save Dudley n' Kitty!I'll take careof Jeremy

Claire: K k! *runs*

Kitty and Dudley: HURRT CLAIRE!

Claire: Gotcha *unties them* Let's go!

Kitty:What about Ralph?

  • Jeremy:*Knocks out Ralph*TOO LATE!

Claire: Ralph!

Jeremy:He'll be great to To...*mysterious figure grabs him,pulling him through an air duct*GAH!

Claire: What the-!?

Tony:*On hospital speaker*Uh...could you explain?

Claire: Who's there?

Tony:It's me,on a loudspeaker.Shawn and Hyper are coming,however,I have NO idea who took Jeremy...

Claire: Alright. Ralph is unconscious

Shawn:Yes,he knows.

Tony:Now,they're almost there!

Claire: Now what?

Shawn:Glad you asked.We're...*silently grab


Hyper:Just like a ninja...*Accidently grabs Shawn*

  • Shawn:LET GO!
  • Hyper:OOPS...
  • Shawn:LET GO!
  • Hyper:OOPS...
  • Claire: Uh guys....
  • Shawn:*silently takes Kitty out*
  • Claire: We have an agent to save, plus, we gotta wake Ralph up.
  • Shawn:I'm sorry,but,you'll have to fight us to do that!
  • Claire: Wait, you're EVIL?!!?
  • Shawn: *facepalm* DUHHHHHHHHHH
  • Claire: Alright then *punches Shawn*
  • Shawn:Hmm,if I hit a girl,i'll be breaking a i'll just let Hyper back me up.*Hyper appears*
  • Claire: What are you gonna do to me?
  • Hyper:I say you run.
  • Shawn:YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Claire: See ya! *runs*
  • Shawns:*Runs towards her*What she doesn't know is that I was on the track team on high school!*Catches up with her*
  • Claire: Huh-? AHH!
  • Shawn:Yup.I'm fast.
  • Claire: I can telll *starts to run out of breath*
  • Shawn:*Still has plenty of breath*You can tell now!
  • Claire: Are you gonna hurt me?
  • Shawn:No,your lucky.I'm just gonna...PUT YOU IN THIS BURLAP SACK!
  • Claire: *tries to fight back*
  • Shawn: Don't resist, *puts her in bag and tightens it*
  • Claire: AHHH!
  • Ralph: *wakes up* Ugh.... CLAIRE! *Roundhouse kicks Hyper*
  • Claire: HELP!
  • Ralph:*Chases Shawn*
  • Shawn:You can't catch me!
  • Ralph:*Throws shuriken at Shawn,hitting his head*
  • Claire: Ralph?
  • Ralph:*Rips bag open*You're safe,for now.
  • Claire: Thanks! Let's go.
  • Tony:Hmm,I see!Skipping to the mid-section of the comic!
  • Claire: Are we almost to 12428's room?
  • Ralph: I think so.
  • Claire: Look! I think we're here.
  • Ralph:Yeah! *room explodes*
  • Tony: That's not really his room.
  • Ralph:Oh,come on!
  • Claire: That really scared me.... It's not April 1st, ya know!
  • Tony:Uh,it is,check your calendar!
  • Ralph:*Looks at calendar on his cell phone*
  • Claire: Aww, man! Well.... I didn't know.
  • Ralph:C'mon.Let's try this room.
  • Tony: *Room explodes* Patience,Wolf.
  • Claire: Do all these rooms explode?
  • Tony:Depends on Jeremy here.*Jeremy appears with detonator*
  • Claire: How hard is this gonna be?
  • Ralph:*Wall jumps and kicks Jeremy in the groin*
  • Claire: Man, that had to hurt.

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