Dudley just couldn't his own doesn't know anything about him.

Fanfic/KittyxDudley14/ The Dog Diary

It's a cold snowy day in Petropolis, and Dudley was just about to ask Kitty to play "Truth or Dare" with her. A few minutes, she hasn't learned a single thing about him.

Dudley: "Alright Kitty, it's your turn."

Kitty: "Okay Dudley, Truth or Dare?"

Dudley: "I choose dare Kitty."

Kitty: "I dare you to take your shirt off."

Dudley: "Do I have to? Okay."

You can't tell but he's wearing brand new tan jeans with a belt in rhine stones. Anyway, while Dudley was doin his dare, The Chief walked in with a winter coat. He was all covered in snow. It was complete freezing in Petropolis, and the weather is so low that even your saliva would freeze.

Chief: "'Good Morning Agents, is everyone enjoy the somewhat beautiful winter weather"

Kitty: "I think it's kinda nice to watch the snow. (seeing Dudley without his T-shirt) And I'm glad to be watching that a little.

Dudley: "Okay Kitty, lets do this because its your turn. Truth or Dare"

Kitty:"I choose truth, bring it on."

Dudley: "What's my mom's name?"

Kitty: "Uhhh...I know this... don't tell me...Is it Shierly?

Dudley: "Oh come on! IT'S PEG! I thought you knew everything about me. Wake me up when you remember, and as a sign that I'm not completely mad at you I'm leaving my labtop open if you want to play some games."

As soon Dudley was fast asleep, Kitty felt ashamed that she doesn't know anything about him. So, as she went to Dudley's labtop to play a game, she noticed that his E-Journal is still open. Then, she got an idea (that might sadly back fire).

Kitty: "I know, I'll just use Dudley's E-journal to know more about him then maybe, I'll try to win him over with a better partnership. Luckly, I'm determined, focused, and clever for cover my tracks. (screams)A SPIDER! (accidently hit sthe keyboard) Oops, I accidently e-mailed Dudley's e-journal...TO EVERYONE IN PETROPOLIS! What am I gonna tell Dudley if he find out...He's gone maybe I'll get Keswick." (bumps into Dudley who had a cup of chocolate milk.)

Dudley: "Hey Kitty,I was just getting some milk after nice winter nap for 30 minutes. What's up with you?"

Kitty: "Please don't kill me! I didn't do anything wrong, and I'm freezing cold!"

Dudley: "Kill you? Kitty, You know me better than that. You're a girl, I'd never hurt you...physically."

After Dudley made his point to Kitty,their cadet agent Tamika (the Saimese cat) came in with a purple coat and snow boots. She had intel.

Tamika: Cheif, i've got intel that Snaptrap is in the city museum, stealing an ancient gem...The Sapphire Water jewel. We've gotta get down there quickly or else who knows what might do with it .

Later in Petropolis Museum...

Snaptrap: "Finally, I have complete of the rare Sapphire Water jewel. Now, I can make this city my personal swimming pool.

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