Plot: Tired of the same life, Dudley decides that it is time for a new one.


  • It's night at T.U.F.F. and Dudley is sitting at the table. He sighs, and then Kitty walks over to him.
  • Kitty: "What's up, Dudley?"
  • Dudley: "I'm just bummed out, Kitty. Keswick just said that I live the same life all the time!"
  • Kitty: "You have a point. But you know what? You should just get in there tomorrow and dance!"
  • (Kitty gets on top of the table. She puts a CD player on it and turns on some mad pop music. She takes off her suit and shirt and reveals a red headband and green dancing singlet with two white stripes on the sides. Then she starts doing some dance moves: The robot, the moonwalk, and the wave. Right now she starts body popping. She does a pose to end the dance.)
  • Dudley: "Oooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. That may not work, (in the background, Kitty does the robot) but maybe I should try a whole new approach. What do ya think? Kitty?"
  • Kitty (robotic): "I do not understand human language."
  • Dudley: "Come on, seriously!"
  • Kitty (robotic): "Does not compute!"
  • Dudley touches Kitty on the head. She makes a powering down sound.
  • Dudley: "I'm going home."
  • Kitty: "Error #404. (winds up and laughs. Moonwalks) I know I'm 33, but somethings are just to fun to resist!"