Once Hiroshi was sent away, the agents started freeing the imprisoned agents. “David!” Lola shouted as she saw David exit the building. “Lola!” David ran over to his girlfriend and hugged her tightly. “I missed you so much,” Lola said crying. “I missed you too…..but you’re hugging too tight.” Lola lightened the hug and kissed David on the cheek. The agents of J.U.F.F. were inside celebrating. Everyone was happy that Hiroshi was gone. Some took down the excess security cameras, a few cleaned out his office and the rest just partied in the lobby. Crazy and the rest of the Company hanged out in the lobby, enjoying themselves. “This ended well,” said Claire. “Yeah, now that Hiroshi is gone, these agents are going to have an easier time here,” Matt replied. “Attention everyone!” one of the agents shouted while standing on a table. Everyone calmed down and listened. “Now that that horrible weasel is gone, I would like to introduce you to our new chief…Pan!” Everybody clapped and cheered. Pan smiled and gave out a short speech. Afterwards, the party continued. “Agents, I’m afraid we need to head back home now,” the Chief said to the Company.

“Do we have to go now?” Claire pouted. “Yeah, I have some things I need to do back at home.” “But the chicken here is great. Please can we stay?!” Kat whined. “No, now come on.” The group sighed and followed the flea outside. Before Crazy could step outside, she was stopped by Pan. “You’re leaving so soon?” “Sorry, but my chief is ready to go. I would stay if I could.” “I understand...Besides I’m sure you want to be with your friends right now.” Crazy nodded and Pan just smiled. “Good luck new chief of J.U.F.F.,” Crazy said as she left the building. “Thanks, hope you and your friends have a safe trip home!” Pan waved goodbye as the group flew away.

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