Plot: Agent Ralph Wolf has flashbacks of his past two years at T.U.F.F.


  • Ralph Wolf [debut]
  • Vince Wolf [first appearance,mentioned by Dudley in an earlier episode]
  • R.J Wolf [debut]
  • Dudley Puppy
  • Kitty Katswell
  • Victoria Katswell
  • Chief
  • Keswick
  • Chameleon
  • Snaptrap
  • D.O.O.M.
  • Petropolis villains


  • Justin Timberwolf
  • Petropolis Bomb Squad


Tony Waxer [appears in later episodes]


Ralph to Dudley: Ah, I remember training like it was yesterday,well,it happened a couple of years ago.


Ew,that's weird!-Vince

Tony Waxer? Oh,him.In his last week of college,like an idiot,he joined the army,Even though he missed about every day that week,he still did good enough to get his degree to make his own clothing store,which he declined.He later joined and betrayed T.U.F.F.Shame,he was great on the football field in college.He made it in the army,did great,one of the best in the war.He would eventually be shot down while flying his plane.-Ralph

That makes me think of a jet black hedgehog who saved the world.-Ralph, making a refrence to Shadow the Hedgehog.

Wow,this is awesome!-Kitty

I could do all that, just it would need a lot of training.Victoria


Shadow the hedgehog[character] and the game[Shadow the Hedgehog game] is refrenced when Ralph says"That makes me think of a jet black hedgehog who saved the world."

When the Petropolis Bomb Squad appears,one officer has a shirt under his uniform saying"Sonikuu Rush",a parody of Sonic Rush[Sonikku is Sonic in Japannesse].

When Ralph mentions Tony Waxer,lokk closely:There's a Dreamcast on Justin Timberwolfs shirt.

When Kitty appears making the pose at the end,she is making the same pose as Scourge the Hedgehog is on the cover of Sonic Universe issue 32.

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